Warranty, Refund and Exchange Policy

Warranty, Refund and Exchange Policy

We guarantee that all of our diamond engagement rings for women, men’s wedding bands, modern engagement rings, and any other jewelry that we custom make, repair, or sell for up to 1 year from the date from which it was delivered, unless otherwise noted to you, the customer. This notification would have to be delivered in writing or the form of a personal phone call.

As a result, we have guarantees in place for such occurrences as stones becoming loose if we have set them or charged to tighten them. The parts of the setting which we manufactured or previously repaired will not, within reason, have defects in the areas in which the previous labor was completed on.

Watch repairs are covered for up to 6 months from the date of delivery, unless otherwise noted to you, the customer. This notice must be served either in writing or with a personal phone call. The movement is only guaranteed if we, Gem Classics, worked on the movement ourselves. Replacing a crystal or stem only does not fall under the warranty for the moving parts of the watch.

We can only guarantee the areas we work on and are unable to guarantee other areas on the same piece of jewelry that were not repaired by one of our staff. See the area marked “Specific” for further information.

What Gem Classics Will do When a Repair Guarantee Item Needs Attention
  1. If a stone falls out of the diamond engagement ring for women, men’s wedding band, or modern engagement ring, and is loose after we have guaranteed it, we will reset the stone in the piece of jewelry, with no additional charge to the customer. We will do any additional repair as needed to further guarantee that the issue does not occur again. If the stone was separated from the item and is unable to be located, we will replace the stone at no cost to the customer, as long as it can be deemed to have been caused solely by a defect in our workmanship and nothing else. If prongs which hold stones are bent to the side or bent backwards by the customer, we cannot cover this instance. We also cannot replace the stone when a hard blow to a prong dislodges it or if the prong is pulled a far distance back from the stone, causing it to fall out. We strongly urge that, at no point, should you sleep or bathe with your jewelry. Sheets and towels will pull prongs back, and the stone is likely to become loose and fall out. The guarantee period will continue to be calculated from the original pick up date.
  1. Any area that was repaired or manufactured by Gem Classics and is currently under the guarantee period will be repaired to bring the piece back to as much like new as possible. The age and condition of the piece when we first received it will be taken into consideration, and this service will be performed at no charge to the customer. This would include parts and labor, as needed.
  1. Any broken solder joint that we previously repaired will be resoldered at no additional charge. A solder joint can not be guaranteed for more than 3 mm on either side of the joint.
Items Not Guaranteed
  1. Any item which has been glued.
  1. Any enameling work which had been previously done
  1. Lead solders which do not contain any form of “patch” support.
  1. Any type of plating in Gold or Rhodium.
  1. Any stone set in a “prong” which, for any reason, has become lost and has three or less prongs in the setting at the time.
  1. Loss of any stone in a round shape that it deemed to be over ½ carat, with the exception of pieces which were previously set in a gold setting with six or more prongs, or a platinum setting with four prongs.
  1. Loss of any stone that was previously set in prongs, with the exception of those which contain the amount of prongs listed below. (Or unless they are set in Platinum)Cut No. of Prongs:
  • Emerald cut – 4
  • Oval – 6
  • Marquis – 6
  • Pear shaped – 5
  • Heart – 5
  • Trillion “V” prongs
  1. Also included are stones set with thin prongs, with prongs that are missing, or stones which have not been set correctly to begin with. This results in having a significantly smaller prong on one portion of the piece and the setting than the other side, and as such, cannot be covered. All diamond engagement rings, including those meant for women, men’s wedding bands, and engagement rings of the modern variety, will be held to these standards.
  1. Settings for beads wherein the pieces are brought to us badly damaged or outright missing. This is also applicable to situations wherein the stones in question have been previously set incorrectly. This results in a large portion of the girdle to be left exposed past the initial rim of the metal.
  1. Settings for channels wherein the area in question is either too thin, damaged, not lined up correctly across the stones, or otherwise deemed to lack support. This is significant because these channels are necessary to hold the setting and stone together. An example of this would be a lack of cross wires or actual supports to keep the channel in question from pulling away. This would leave space for the stone to loosen up significantly within the setting, or to fall out in an outright manner.
  1. A bezel setting that has been brought to us wherein the area in question is already thin or otherwise damaged in some way. This is also applicable if the stone has not been previously set at the correct angle, which would not allow the entirety of the piece to be kept in place with the bezel in question.
Specific Item Guarantees
Ring Sizing
  1. If we have undertaken the sizing of the customer’s actual finger in our store and the size we have noted is incorrect, we will then begin the process of resizing the diamond engagement ring in question, whether it be a piece for women, a wedding band for men, or other style of engagement ring. The resizing process will be undertaken at no additional fee to the customer if the request is made from within 30 days after the initial date of incorrect sizing. If we were unable to size the customer’s finger in our store and the piece in question was either a casting, special order, or a showcase sale from Gem Classics, we will then resize the ring for one time only. This task will be undertaken at no additional charge to the customer and will be completed within 30 days of the delivery date from our store. If the ring we sized does not fall under one of the categories mentioned in the above section, and we were unable to size the customer’s actual finger, there will then be a charge incurred to the customer in order for us to undertake a resizing of the ring. The customer must return to the store within 30 days of receipt of the ring in order to be able to get the ring resized at no additional fee.
  1. If we complete a ring sizing in our store to the size that a customer has requested and the customer requests us to make the piece at a size which is not accurate, we will place a fee on the customer to resize the ring again. An example of this would be if Gem Classics has stated to the customer that we believe they should wear a size 7 and the customer requests a size of 8 and, after sizing, they then state that the piece is too loose for their finger, we will charge them again to resize. The receipt for the envelope will likely be marked “Per Customer Request.”
  1. We are only able to guarantee to a reasonable accuracy a ring sizing undertaken from the customer’s actual finger. We are unable to accept another piece of jewelry as a comparison in terms of sizing and reasonably guarantee any type of accurate read.
  1. The size of a ring does not change, but a customer’s finger is more than capable of changing in size due to changes in diet, medication they may be placed on, the weather and time of year, or overall weight change. Due to these types of circumstances, which are all entirely out of our control, we are only able to reasonably guarantee sizings for up to 30 days after the date of receipt of the ring.
Tightening & Checking
  1. In terms of where tightening stones is concerned, Gem Classics does charge an additional fee to check & tighten stones other than the ones which we have previously set or installed at the time of receipt in our store. We will offer a standing warranty where stone loss is concerned, but only so long as the stones are set as previously described within this guarantee policy. Without the additional fee to tighten stones (as our staff have access to all available charges to customers in our current price book), we will not cover the stones against loss unless Gem Classics had previously set the stones ourselves.
  1. With regards to checking links, when we are asked to undertake this task on rivets, pieces that are chainlike, jewelry that could be deemed a bracelet, clasps, etc., we are unable to guarantee any issue related to their loss, or overall quality, at any time. This is related to the fact that most pieces, including diamond engagement rings for women, men’s wedding bands, and modern engagement rings, are unable to be properly examined without taking them apart piece by piece. This will result in the piece in question to need to be repaired strictly as a result of disassembly. Many items that appear to be “OK” today may actually contain a defect just a short time later. We are only able to guarantee areas on pieces that Gem Classics actually repairs, not pieces which we have just looked over with no prior repair work from one of our staff.
Prongs – Retipped or Replaced

We are unable to cover the cost of the loss of a stone when Gem Classics does not retip or reprong all of the prongs if we deem it necessary. If the repair advice of the prongs or tips is ignored, we are unable to offer any kind of guarantee.

Gems & Diamonds
  1. We are unable to offer any kind of guarantee on any setting, diamond, or gemstone, from any diamond engagement rings for women, men’s wedding bands, or modern engagement ring, that it will not be chip, break, be scratched, or fracture after it has been taken out of the Gem Classics location where it was purchased. We strongly recommend having an appraisal done and making sure that your jewelry is assessed with your homeowner’s policy. This will give you a current estimate of the worth of your pieces. The policy will cover such damages as breaking, loss, or if it stolen. We can handle the appraisal of the piece in question for you so you can have it insured.
  1. We are unable to be held liable for any type of fracture or type of damage to any of our pieces or their components, including stones, diamonds, diamond engagement rings for women or men’s wedding bands, or modern engagement rings. This includes pieces that have previously been damaged. This also includes pieces we have received in a poor state from the customer with large inclusions or imperfections. We will notify the client of these damages before moving forward with any kind of repair or installation work as a kindness.
Refund and Exchange Policy
Showcase Items
  1. We will refund or exchange any item, including diamond engagement rings for women, men’s wedding bands, and modern engagement rings, that we sold as a stock item from our showcase within 45 days of delivery, so long as it was not altered from the piece’s original showcase condition. Refunds will be given in the form of store credit upon approval by store owner. Ring sizing is excluded as a condition in these instances.
  1. A Special Order item (one ordered from an outside vendor) normally can not be refunded. If the vendor where we bought the item from will either accept the item from us as a credit or issue us a refund, then we can issue a refund to our customer for the item within 30 days of delivery from our store. If we cannot return the item ordered from a vendor for our customer, then we will either issue an in-store credit to our customer, or remake another item for them, as stated in the next section. An in-store credit can be used towards any labor or product item in our store. An in-store credit cannot be refunded for the unused portion.
Specially Made or Ordered Items
  1. We will exchange or remake (No Refunds) any item, including diamond engagement rings for women, mens wedding bands, and modern engagement rings, that are listed below within 30 days of delivery, as long as we made the item for the person who placed the order in our store. Items made as “Gifts” are excluded. See “Gift Items” below. We will credit any charges previously paid towards the new design:
  1. Items which have been cast from wax, either a showcase mold or a piece that has been hand carved.
  1. Any item which was previously ordered for the customer as a special request from an outside vendor.
  1. Items which were handmade, whether fabricated or casted.
  1. Showcase or stock items that have been altered by any other means, which do not include ring sizing.
  1. We will only remake or exchange an item up to two times.
Remake Items
  1. At no time will an additional charge be incurred to remake an item, with the exception of those that would have been deemed necessary at the outset of the process in relation to the customer’s request, as long as the item is remade within 60 days of the delivery date, and the item we made was not classified as a “gift.” For example, if a customer who spent $400 in the beginning has something remade that now costs $550, then the remaining charge would be determined to be the difference, which in this instance is $150.00.
  1. After 60 days from the date of the initial delivery, there will be a charge of 50% of the regular labor charge to remake the ring. There will be no credit given for the labor spent on the previous item. This is treated just like a “Gift Item” in the next section.
  1. If, after remaking the item, the amount that would have been spent is less than the original price, we will refund only the product bought (diamonds, gold, gems, etc.) as long as they are in original condition. Chains and other cut to fit items, such as diamond engagement rings for women, men’s wedding bands, and modern engagement rings, are not refundable, as well as labor charges.
  1. The customer will be issued an “in-store credit” for labor and products that are not refundable. An in-store credit can be used like money in our store to purchase other items, or used to purchase our services or labor. Any unused part of the in-store credit cannot be refunded.
Gift Items
  1. If we manufacture or have something on sale which we have classified as a gift, and we were not able to help that person who received it decide on the item, then the item in question will be placed into one of the subsequent classifications, and we will be unable to issue a refund:
  • Items which have been cast from wax
  • Items which were previously ordered from a vendor which is not Gem Classics, which are not returnable.
  • Items which were handmade.
  • Showcase or stock items, which were altered in any way other than ring sizing. We will not issue a refund for those items mentioned. We will exchange a showcase item and use the amount paid as the “credit” towards another item. If the item is a “remake” of a cast, handmade, or specially made item, then we will charge 50% of what we would normally charge for labor to remake the new item. No form of compensation will be issued at any time for the work that was undertaken on the item previously.
  1. Any showcase item or product can be refunded as long as the conditions are met as described in the “Showcase Items” section of this guarantee.