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Gem Classics is Dallas' authority on all things jewelry. We carry a wide range of jewels, rings and accessories from world-famous manufacturers. Always taking your ideas and wishes into consideration, we are determined to find the right piece for you.


Our staff in the shop and in the sales room are experts in their field. They are at your service to offer you comprehensive and detailed advice at any time.

Our Team

Our professional team is happy to help you.

Owner and Master Jeweler: Gabriel Romo
Phone: 972-458-7188
Email: gabriel@gemclassics.com

Owner and Desiger: Becky Romo
Phone: 972-458-7188
Email: becky@gemclassics.com

Jeweler and Sales: Gabe Romo
Phone: 972-458-7188
Email: gabe@gemclassics.com

The husband and wife team of Gabriel and Rebecca Romo began jewelry-making at a young age for their family's manufacturing company, established in 1977. They decided as a family that it was time to broaden their horizons and explore their dreams of opening a retail store. Gem Classics was proudly established in 1993. If it is true that one is judged by the company you keep, then we at Gem Classics are proud to have you judge us by what you see.


Our one-of-a-kind designs include bridal engagement rings in gold and platinum, and a wide range of colored gemstones. Gem Classics is proud of the high standards it demands, shown in the quality of our work. "We have designed and manufactured custom jewelry for famous designers from the start," says Gabriel. Many of these pieces have been displayed in nationally known stores, such as Neiman Marcus. "Names and collections however, are secondary to a jeweler's ability to match a person with the piece of her dreams...," he continues, "That takes fashion sense, romance, and a little science as well." As one of Dallas' finest jewelers, we hope that our new website is informative and educational. Come in and let us serve you.

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